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GrafWeb's StoreFront 2000 is fully integrated with Microsoft FrontPage and allows you to create unlimited web stores with ultimate design controls and virtually boundless opportunities for customization. Once you've purchased GrafWeb's StoreFront, there are no ongoing monthly fees; you own the software. 

GrafWeb's StoreFront offers enterprise-level e-commerce that extends far beyond the typical cookie-cutter web store. Add inventory management support with the GrafWeb's StoreFront Merchandiser's Edition, or add volume sensitive pricing with the GrafWeb's StoreFront Distributor's Edition. Web-based store management tools are also available in the GrafWeb's StoreFront Web Developer's Edition.

Setting Up Shop
Before you open the doors to your on-line store, the GrafWeb's StoreFront Administration tool allows you to establish your store's business methods. You can easily set how your store manages sales, including transaction processing, sales tax and shipping rates.

Stocking the Shelves
A Microsoft Access database, supported in GrafWeb's StoreFront Standard, or a SQL Server database, supported in GrafWeb's StoreFront Pro, allows you to enter a virtually unlimited number of products through the GrafWeb's StoreFront Product Manager. Shoppers can browse through product pages or search for a specific item and choose the options they need. The GrafWeb's StoreFront web store acts as your sales clerk, automatically suggesting the perfect product to compliment a customer's selection.

Figuring the Till
Counting the drawer has never been so easy. With the GrafWeb's StoreFront Reports tool, you can manage your sales and customer records through the easy-to-use Crystal Reports interface. Print e-checks, invoices, sales summary reports and credit card transaction reports. Build your business and calculate commissions using the GrafWeb's StoreFront Trading Partners referral system. 

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