Cobb & Associates LLC
Securities and Business Law

Cobb & Eisenberg knew that they had to be on the web.  Getting  their message across in a simple and elegant presentation was the basic metric by which they wanted their site designed.  GrafWeb succeeded in developing a site that would express their powerful legal prowess in the securities and business arena with their sense of telling their clients exactly what they need to know.

British Airways 
Federal Credit Union

British Airways want a "quick and simply" site for their employees to gain access to information on banking services.  GrafWeb provided the light design work required to bring the site online in under two weeks, yet provide them with a site that gave important information in a timely fashion with the simplicity of navigation that was inspired.

Loan Participation Auction

Paragon Financial Group came to GrafWeb to fill their need to create a custom auction site for the distribution of loans between Originators and Participants.  In a short time, we had encapsulated their business model and used it to create the foundation of an entirely new internet business for the banking community.  The auctioning of a loan or mortgage can now be done in a matter of days as opposed to months. 

Granite Alps Recording

Granite Alps wants to show America - particularly Generation X - where to go to record their music. Within a month, we helped them put together a site that goes through a basic tour of their incredible facility. This is a perfect example of a site in which new modules can be added and launched to create more value.

Maximum Benefit Insurance

A provider of premium insurance coverages, Maximum Benefit Insurance wanted to convey its message to its clients and the world. To do this they leveraged the power of the internet to provide quote services and information to existing and potential clients around the world. Their style was realized in an information packed, yet easy to navigate web infrastructure. The friendly and personable navigation turned what can be cold and unfathomable reams of information into a quick and easy experience that fits their corporate identity.

Adamson Brothers Brokerage Firm

A leader in personal brokerage solutions and multi-million multi-national accounts, Adamson Brothers came to GrafWeb wanting to create a new online presence for there successful financial firm. Besides developing a visual identity for there business, GrafWeb created a robust end-user experience that channels customized content to each subscriber, as well as an administrative tool for their clients that allows Adamson Brothers to provide on-line trading quickly and easily-- all behind a sleek, attractive interface.

New York Times 
Federal Credit Union

When The New York Times came to us, they were looking to bring their in-house credit union to the internet and to a new level-- and we brought them there. Super-sleek design and interactivity bring the end user into a banking system that helps the Times employees read the fine print when it comes to banking.

Lockheed Martin 
Federal Credit Union

Lockheed Martin is one of the world's leading diversified technology companies. They research, design, develop, manufacture and integrate advanced technology systems, products, and services for government and commercial customers around the world. Business areas span aeronautics, space, systems integration, and technology services. GrafWeb targeted this site for  the benefit of the employees that are customers for Lockheed Martin's in-house credit union and helps LMFCU extend its marketing budget by repurposing existing materials.

CEM Global Marketing

GrafWeb's design for the site reflects CEM Global Marketing's sophisticated and distinct business style. Using a discreet menu, the site provides an extensive overview of the company's founders, history, and ideology, which blends professionalism with cutting-edge technology and an artist's sensibility.  This particular site is used in the sale and distribution of various specialty medallions of a religious nature.  Most of the medallions are certified by the Vatican. A quiet e-commerce solution.

Lockhart Industries 
Golf Club Cleaner

GrafWeb created this Web site for Lockhart Industries and their Golf Club Cleaner product, the world's preeminent tablet cleanser and grime remover. GrafWeb helped the organization to further its goal of improving and promoting the product and the company as an ideal solution for both clubs and balls for the golf club enthusiast. The e-commerce site's attractive and easily-navigable content informs users of the products purposes, environmentally friendly stance and easy to carry pocket packaging.

Impronta International Art Prints

GrafWeb created this Web site for Impronta International. The site is designed to be a high-impact, user-friendly retail site to help Impronta attract and sell their limited selection of fine art prints from the Masters. The site is easily updateable to meet current and future needs.  This small, but successful  e-commerce site includes a receipt for the buyer and mail order capability all in one interactive bundle.

Lockhart Industries 
Jewelry Cleaner

GrafWeb created a website that efficiently provides a classic, yet simple and professional look for information about all Lockhart Powervesent products.  This site includes vender information and product ordering.

Erie GE 
Federal Credit Union

Erie General Electric Employees Federal Credit Union needed a corporate Web site that would provide information for the press as well as to inform the public and clients. GrafWeb provided a "Notebook" look to go with the companies informal need to make their employees feel right at home.

Adjusters of America

A of A asked GrafWeb to create an interactive magazine and membership application on the web. Each page contains everything from industry fill sheets and white papers to the benefits of joining their association and contact information on each of their members.

Federal Credit Union

The Hopewell Joint School Employees Federal Credit Union is a federally regulated and insured financial institution dedicated to maintain the Credit Union's long term financial stability and safeguard the assets of its members.  GrafWeb was asked to help reflect  this small teacher's credit union in a simple and easy to use interface.

Federal Credit Union

We help businesses deepen customer relationships online in four key areas branding, content, transactions and customer service through a discipline we pioneered called Interactive Relationship Management. GrafWeb recognizes that people today expect to be treated differently by businesses, especially on the Internet. Bakelite FCU came to GrafWeb to add  dramatic new levels of service: personal, immediate, and on demand. 

Central Keystone  
Federal Credit Union

The consistent success of our work stems from our unique culture—a powerful integration of strategy, creative and technology capabilities—supported by world-class project management and client services. Central Keystone came to GrafWeb for an Internet environment where creativity, technology and business strategy seamlessly coexist, collaboration is vital to leadership for their in-house banking system. Our experienced professionals work in integrated, client-centered teams that deliver superior results.

Heritage Valley  
Federal Credit Union

Combining Heritage Valley's collaborative culture with our unique understanding of how to use the Internet to meet people's needs, GrafWeb was chosen to support their local Federal Credit Union.