If some of the following questions may not appear to pertain to your business, trust us, they do.  These are important items that should not be without a place on your website.

In the areas with multiple lines, please use two or three paragraphs to answer the following questions. 


What is the name of your business?
How long have you been in business?
Describe your products or services.
How does your company rate with the Better Business Bureau?
What are the company's plans for future development?
How are you "packaging" your product or service?
List and describe five benefits of your product or service.
List five reasons why people will buy your product or service.
Is your product of service seasonal?
List the price ranges for your product or services.
List five characterizations of your customers.
What type of customer do you plan to attract.
How long has your product or service been on the market?
Where is it sold?
Is the territory well defined? What is it?
Who is your competition?
How are you better then your competition?
List and describe at least five reasons your product or service with differ from your competition.
List five reasons customers will not buy from the competition.
List how your business is different then the competition.
List three reasons why your business is better then the competition.
List the five nearest competitors and if there business is steady, increasing or decreasing.
Describe what you have learned by watching the competition.
What demographic are you marketing your product or service too?
List and describe in detail at least five products or services you plan to offer?
List and describe at least three reasons you can service your market better then your competition.
Why have you chosen this area to market your product or service? 
List the management and personnel for your operation and there qualifications.
List and describe at least five reasons why your business will succeed.
Identify your experience in this business.
List other people in this same business that you have consulted with.
Describe the market's growth potential.
List five ways you will expand and keep these markets.
What is the location of the business.
Describe your business background.
List your management experience.
List all of your education.
List five reasons why you will be successful.
What skills will your personnel have?

This should provide you with a fairly grounded informational foundation for your site. From this information we can extract everything that we need to make your site as good as possible without actually beginning it. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.