'Envision your business integrating your web information and sales directly into your company's normal operations..."





"Web applications do not care what platform the client is on, it works the same..."

We make the web with your organization as one integrated environment.  Using Active Server Pages and Java, putting your company on the web has never made more business sense.  Whether it is a shopping cart component of your company or an real-time data input and analysis tool, we are the people for you.

As professional technicians, we take a company’s existing forms and procedures and creating custom web based applications around them.

Your employees will see the familiar layout of the forms they are already comfortable with using. What they will be amazed with is the ease of use and lightning fast processing time.

We are also professionals at creating the database backend for your applications, allowing you to mine the business data and information you need with a click of a button. Some of the ways a web application will help reduce your Total Cost of Ownership are:

  • Web applications are inherently powerful based on their flexibility, rapid development cycles, with relatively inexpensive price tags when compared with traditional development costs.
  • Web applications have the unique qualities of being platform independent as far as the client is concerned, well written web applications will work on any browser.
  • Because of their underlying technology web applications are extremely scalable. An applications footprint can be written so that it is used only in house (Intranet), on the Internet, or an extranet combination. This ability to extend an application’s reach by integrating real time customer data into your backend process is something traditional applications will not do.